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Take advantage of our cutting edge technology to maximise your Greenpoint living experience.

Technology Focused Living In a Smart Apartment

Experience the pinnacle of modern living with our dedicated app. Seamlessly make contact with your dedicated Greenpoint representative, report issues, find your rental invoices and ask us questions using our Re-Leased technology platform.

We reduce our paper use with DocuSign for your personal documents - that also means you can move in faster and start your living journey as soon as possible.

We want to minimise the time it takes and maximise your living experience. Discover real modern renting with a Greenpoint apartment.

Re-Leased App

Seamless Contact With a Personal Rep

All Documents At Your Fingertips


Rent Payment Reminders

Modern Property Management

Technology that actually does make life easier. Find your Greenpoint today.

Why Being Tech Driven Matters

We understand the importance of technology in today's fast-paced world. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that our residents enjoy a seamless and convenient living experience.

We want to help minimise the time spent finding your occupier documents, reporting issues or worrying about paying your rent. Get personalised notifications on when to pay, find all of your documents on your Re-Leased app and make contact with us whenever you need to. All using cutting-edge technology for modern renters.

Olivia B.
Dickens Factory, Northampton

"Greenpoint have been a very professional and respectful company to work with from the outset. We have been with them for over a year and our in-person and online dealings with the team from our initial viewing of the property, through to our moving in and dealing with certain issues have been conducted very professionally and considerately. Issues raised have been responded to and dealt with quickly."

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